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photo2-e1396679408322[1]The World Famous Quay Dessert! – White Nectarine and Guava Snow Egg

A King of Kings in the dessert world. Poached meringue that’s soft as air encases a liquid centre of white nectarine puree, all sitting on a bed of guava granita. There are so many elements that have been utterly perfected in this dish and displayed so simply and elegantly, a stark contrast from the painstaking work that goes into its preparation. There’s a lot of hype surrounding this dish and I have to say it deserves every praise.

Arguably having the best views in Sydney, Quay is located directly across from the Opera House with views spanning all the way from Circular Quay, featuring the iconic Harbour Bridge to The Rocks. Executive Chef Peter Gilmore has created an unbelievably magnificent, award winning menu, describing it as “food inspired by nature”. This creative menu has won both international and Australian awards.

In 2013 Quay was voted Number 48 on the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants, crowned Restaurant of the Year in The Australian Gourmet Traveller and currently holds 3 Hats by The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide.


Goats cheese with capers, roe, olive crumbs and dill

Beautifully simple flavours and textures; from the creamy bitterness of the goats cheese to the saltiness of the capers and roe, everything in this dish worked beautifully in priming our palates with anticipation!


Roasted Yamba Mulloway smoked butter and celeriac cream, green garlic, fennel, leeks, young greens

I don’t usually go for the fish option, preferring meat, but I decided to go for the road less travelled (by my tastebuds) and boy, was I rewarded for going in that direction. The fish itself was perfectly cooked, with a gorgeous firm, flaky flesh. The smoked butter gave the fish a flavour I’ve never experienced before, incorporating an earthiness to the sea, and even more enhanced by the celeriac cream. Garnished with an assortment of yummy greens this was a really delicious dish.


Sashimi of local lobster, young almonds, bergamot, grapefruit, elderflowers.

There seems to be a running theme of simple beauty at Quay, from the elegant furnishings to each meticulously constructed course. This dish certainly encompasses that theme. The incredibly fresh lobster sashimi is cut paper-thin and delicately draped on a neat mound of individual grapefruit jewels, then embellished with tiny elderflowers and young almonds. While the flavours of this dish are lovely I did find that the sweet buttery flavour of the lobster gets lost in the strong zesty flavour of the grapefruit.


Berkshire pork jowl, maltose crackling, prunes, cauliflower cream, perfumed with prune kernel oil

The gloriously succulent pork jowl had a splendid flavour and moist texture, which contrasted well with the fragile and eye catching maltose crackling adorning it. At first bite the crunch of the cracking hits you, instantly followed by its caramelized sweetness as it dissolves of your tongue. I found the richness of the cauliflower cream a great addition as it surprisingly aids in carrying out the sweetness of the crackling and the prunes. All in all a scrumptious dish and despite the generous portion size, there is no such thing as too much pork jowl.


Smoked and confit pig cheek, shiitake, kombu, Jerusalem artichoke, sea scallop, sesame

Another unforgettable dish, this one full of complex flavours and textures. The pig cheek is melt-in-your-mouth good (literally), and gets along famously with the chewy shiitake, the buttery shaved scallop, and the crispy crown of Jerusalem artichokes. Each ingredient really brings its own essential layer of texture and flavour to the dish, and it really was a pleasure eating every morsel of it.


Quay’s eight texture chocolate cake

If the snow egg is the ‘king of kings’ in the dessert world, then the eight texture chocolate cake is the king’s naughty little mistress. Other than the rich liquid chocolate sauce that is generously ladled on top of the cake, this dessert oozes sensuality and decadence. From the plate up the dessert starts with a cake base; a chocolate mousse; a caramel, vanilla and chocolate ganache; a chocolate and hazelnut dacquoise; milk chocolate praline discs; chocolate caramel cream; a dark chocolate top disc; and as the final eighth texture, the hot chocolate sauce that melts a little chocolatey crater into the centre of the cake. Might seem like overkill but hey! A little dramatic flair never hurt anyone and when the dessert is this good it deserve a little fan fare.

If you have a “must try” restaurant bucket list, Quay needs to be right on the top of it. This restaurant ticks all the boxes – sensational food? Tick. Unforgettable views? Tick. World famous Snow Egg? Tick tick tick! What are you waiting for?


Upper Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal
5 Hickson Road,
The Rocks, Sydney, NSW

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