Shanghai Night, Ashfield

img_6390-e1396522838159[1]Pan Fried Pork Buns

Crispy dough, encasing a juicy tender ball of pork, swimming in savoury oily broth. 

If anything is true about Chinese restaurants, it’s that often the dingier, the darker, the shabbier the restaurant, the better the food is. And I kid you not, these are probably the best and cheapest dumplings in Sydney. Do not expect anything fancy: think simple dining, limited-English speaking staff, hand-written specials on the wall, faded menus and cramped space. However, I have always thought that this has added an entertainment value to dining at Shanghai Night. Having to squeeze past people to get to your table and struggling to communicate to your waitress adds to the fun.


Xiao Long Bao

I have heard that Shanghai Night was the first place in Sydney to serve Xiao Long Bao. I’m unsure if that is true, but if anyone knows, please let me know. Tearing into these soup filled dumpling reveals the tender juicy meat inside. These taste perfect served with a mix of soy sauce and vinegar. A note to the wise: don’t just give way to your animal urges to rip into these as soon as they hit the table, the soup is often scorching hot and has a tendency to spurt everywhere.

Don’t let the less-than-perfect interior deter you. Apart from the fact that this place makes delicious food, it’s also ridiculously cheap and the portions are extremely generous!

Shanghai Night

275 Liverpool Road,
Ashfield, NSW 2131

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