Baffi and Mo, Redfern

img_7306-e1396441428175[1]Buttermilk pancakes served with mixed berry compote, vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce.


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As you might have realised, I enjoy pancakes and must/will always order them if they are on the menu. Baffi and Mo does not disappoint in this regard and offer a truly visually appealing and scrumptiously fluffy buttermilk pancake.

Baffi (the Italian word for moustache) and Mo (the Australian slang word for moustache) is a cute little café located in Redfern, the up and coming area with trendy award winning restaurants and cafes opening up all over the place. A casual café, decked out with large wooden communal tables with inside and outside seating.

The signature dish is the Eggs Baff – poached eggs with sautéed mushrooms, feta and spinach finished with hollandaise sauce on an English muffin.

Baffi and Mo is definitely a café to put on your must try list!

Click here to view our new review of Baffi and Mo.

Baffi and Mo Espresso

94 Redfern Street,
Redfern, NSW 2016

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  1. Just as an FYI, this morning my partner and I tried to have brekkie here, and when I wasn’t happy with my meal, I was told to just deal with it. No offer to fix it or exchange it or drain the two cups of oil from the eggs so I could actually eat them. Apparently, the owner was our server. It is not pleasant to have a nasty meal, and it is very unpleasant to be treated like you just want something for free. I suspect it is because I’m a person of color (in Redfern that can count against you sometimes), or maybe she just doesn’t like gay people. But she made us feel really crap, and then her chef called us poor and mocked us on Facebook. Classy establishment!


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